Each year The Contracting Awards recognise the top contractor suppliers in the UK, and award those who provide exceptional services to the contracting community. SG are incredibly proud to announce that all four of our contracting brands have been named as finalists in this year’s awards.

Who’s been nominated and for which awards?

Best Contractor Accountancy (under 1,000 clients): Taxevo and Aardvark

Best Contractor Accountancy (1,000 – 2,499 clients): SG Accounting

Best Umbrella Company (under 1,499 clients): SG Umbrella


When will the results be announced?

Due to this year’s COVID-19 restrictions, this year’s awards will be virtually held on November 4th, and all of our teams will be tuning in to hear the results. With both Taxevo and Aardvark in the running for the Best Contractor Accountancy award (under 1,000 clients), it’s safe to say there will be a little healthy competition as to who will come out on top!


What the awards mean for our clients and accountants

Our client’s views and experiences will always be the most important accolade to the level of service we provide, but to also know that the service they’re receiving is (hopefully) award-winning adds that extra assurance to the contracting community.

We have an incredible team of highly qualified accountants across all four brands, so to have been acknowledged professionally is a great achievement, an extra feather in our cap.

We wish all our teams the best of luck for November’s award ceremony, and look forward to the results!